A notible date

Mark your calendars. I’m told people have and use such things, though here in the space between places where everyone’s story passes through at least once, it’s difficult to mark time. Days blend and merge slipping from one to the next. Sometimes I realise the sky has grown dark and night has fallen, when others remind me to eat or when I must sleep. The sun surprised me the other day. I needed ink and looked up to be blinded by the unexpected bright ball in the sky. We’ve not seen it for so long here, we’d pretty much forgotten its existence.

But I’m getting off track. The time is passing and on May 25th, one of those stories, those tales of someone’s life, that I caught the threads of and put down on paper goes out into the world for anyone to read. So please…pay a visit. Drop by Aphrodite’s temple where one man’s hedonistic pursuit of the thing he loves may lead him to a future he never expected.

You see…Davin’s definitely not allowed to fall in love with the man behind the alabaster mask… but I hope he does, and that the readers do too.

An Agile Man is coming to Razor’s Edge.


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