Getting Wilder!

Wild and Wicked (Wild 2)

from Razor’s Edge Press

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Frank is about to discover going wild can be wicked.

When an experiment goes wrong, separating two scientists and sending them into a parallel dimension, Frank appears in a desert city, where he meets a man with scales and a forked tongue. Once he survives the initial shock, he may just discover it’s more fun to go wild and wicked than to try to go home.


Going Wild with a Razor

Another announcement. Long overdue I know, but I’ve been busy…well, being myself as opposed to my secondary personality. This is a two for one in that a story concept I submitted to Razor’s Edge became two and not one. What was once Wild, will now become Wild and Wonderful, and Wild and Wicked — two m/m titles coming soon. Very soon. Edits have been returned, and the stories are with the proofers. I’ll be back with release dates and other related info as soon as I can confirm.

In the Dungeon

I’ve nothing new to report, I’m afraid, although I have a very good reason for being quiet. I’ve been sent to the research dungeon. I hope this will result in a longer work, but in the meantime, I’m…Well, did you know how many things one can use to whip or flog someone? I thought the ten inch stone walls were to keep the screams concealed from passing ears, but I’m coming to learn that the sounds that need to remain secret sound more like ecstasy to me. I’m good at revealing secrets when the knowledge will benefit my readers. I’ll let you in on the inhabitants who exist here sub rosa as soon as I’ve finished my training.