Go Wild now!

Wild and Wonderful (Wild 1)

from Razor’s Edge Press

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Jack is about to have a wonderful and wild furry feeling.


Going Wild with a Razor

Another announcement. Long overdue I know, but I’ve been busy…well, being myself as opposed to my secondary personality. This is a two for one in that a story concept I submitted to Razor’s Edge became two and not one. What was once Wild, will now become Wild and Wonderful, and Wild and Wicked — two m/m titles coming soon. Very soon. Edits have been returned, and the stories are with the proofers. I’ll be back with release dates and other related info as soon as I can confirm.

The Undecided…

I have two residents abiding with me for what I hope will be a short time. They could almost be twins. One is Indecisive; the other Uncertain — I just call them The Undecided. I’m sure they’re affecting my decision-making, but that’s the only thing I can know for certain.

I need to write a new story, but I don’t know whether to make it m/f or m/m. The play was to alternate them but the disquieting fluffy critters that hop around my ankles and sometimes bit infecting my mind with plots (I’ve heard some writers call them plot bunnies, but I think they’re far too vicious to be called that), don’t always behave the way I would like them to. I’m thinking of writing something that crosses both lines, that will be longer than my works to date. I’ve even started, but other labours have called me aside, and the story had to be shelved for now. Sometimes the world outside this cell intervenes; often the other side of my nature, my other alter ego, or my sibling if you wish to call this persona that — I sometimes think this mysterious ‘other’ has white hair while I have black — is too busy to give me any peace. I have to pay attention to the other’s needs before I can find some quiet. I’m one of the missing, but not yet lost.